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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Eating Well--Except Fritos

  1. I DID get up at 6:11 a.m. and get to my 7 a.m. support group meeting, although not until 7:17. God bless the person who unlocked the church building door and set up the meeting, even so early and in a downpour. Proud of myself, and it was a great start to the day. I would love to go every Tuesday and Thursday morning if I can. I will see if I am unusually tired later, because today is a long day, with Punch gymnastics from 7 to 8 p.m. NOTE: Dan did gymnastics shuttle tonite.
  2. I think TCOC [taking care of car] also counts as TCOY, for safety. One of our headlights was out--again--this time for a week or more. And it was time for 190,000-mile oil change. So I dropped off the old blue Toyota. NOTE: Our very good mechanic couldn't get to the car today, so I'm taking it back tomorrow morning.
  • Drove Punch to school, took car to mechanic, walked to Joyist. The way I look at it, I don't mind spending money to work here from 9:45 a.m. to 3 p.m. I could be renting office space--and I'm eating all clean, nutritious, organic food, fruits and veggies etc. in a soothing, friendly place. No refined sugar. So this is an investment in my health, and I see lots of people come in and out--friends from boot camp, a woman from yoga, an Irish dad I like, shop owners--and a famous actor who lives in town. I'm working here for a few days on about $2,000 worth of articles [supplemented with working on them at home, too, but easiest to concentrate here]. And people can see what I am wearing and how I look, so there is a reason to put on a skirt and heels--and concealer. Anyway:
  1. Delicious, large chocolate latte, $7. 
  2. At 11:25, first time for delectable Organic Breakfast Bowl: soft-boiled egg, roasted mushrooms, roasted tomatoes, and crispy kale on a bed of mashed root vegetables. Comfort and nutrition in a bowl, only sold until 11:30 a.m. $10. 
  3. Gift for family [all four of us will fight to use it]: Tall, tapered reusable 22-ounce hot and cold tumbler, sleek, shapely black with silver Joyist logo and comes with hot & cold lids and reusable straw. Yay, because I love to recycle and hate to create landfill. Tight fit, hot coffee won't leak in car. It is the Slim Cruiser model from [but customized for Joyist] and it keeps drinks hot or cold for hours. $20.
  4. Chia pudding with organic strawberry/blueberry puree, house-made cashew milk and house-made granola. $8.  JOYIST TOTAL: $25 food and drink + $20 family gift=$45.
  5. Waste of money? Convenience store near Punchy's school, pouring rain, she barely eats all day due to ADHD med, so we usually get her something on Thursdays between 3:35 dismissal and 4 p.m. CCD class on other end of town. Dan has done the CCD run the last few weeks and has gotten her ham and Cheddar on a  roll with lettuce, tomato and mayo. Then she got a big bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos to bring to CCD and I got a $1.89 bag of Fritos [had salty, crunchy urge] and a half-gallon of milk. Convenient, yes, but overpriced. $16.06.
DAILY TOTAL: $61.06.


  1. Nachos not my temptation, but yesterday a long day and I just overate at boredom being at my desk. Unforch, with getting refinish estimates this week, have to work tomorrow to make up hours. But should have new floors next week before we leave Thu to get Will.

    1. Hi Liz....New floors are everything! Seriously, that will feel and look so great.....hope Will is doing well. Love Alice

  2. I like your thought process on Joyist! That's a nice chunk of freelance work … keep it up!

    1. Eileen, thank you....and now a new shared workspace opened up in our pay about $35 a day but can use printer, private room for business calls, etc. etc. BUT they have coffee and Balthazar pastries there [I don't they healthy food on menu], so I'm thinking that is probably not a wise idea for me, though very, very tempting....It is not WeWork but another name...Love Alice

    2. P.S. and you do have to pay for the coffee and pastries!