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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

When It Rains, It Pours

Not raining pennies from heaven, but dollars from my wallet. I hope to be more restrained tomorrow, but [unplanned] scholarship donations on debit card were $103 today.

  1. I put on our winter coats, two of them quite small, and took a nice stroll around the block with Butter & Sugar.
  2. Walked to town to work.
  3. Going to a women's event this evening at the home of Angel, who used to live in my neighborhood. She has a good heart. When Punch was a baby, Angel came over and showed me how to use her blue and white striped baby sling, telling me the baby would like it. I never really got the hang of it, sad to say. Tonight's gathering is at her Montclair home from 7:30 to 9 p.m. and she describes it as "a lovely evening of sisterhood, personal reflection and creativity. Energy exchange $20 (or what you can give)." I love that term--energy exchange! I admit it. I'm feeling wounded by Punch, and not very eager to devote my evening to being home. Glad to go check this out. It is BYO but it doesn't say your own what, so I got some snacks. Note at 10:38 p.m. We went til almost 10 p.m. Met four nice women and we all shared, talked, meditated--and made mala beads. Fun. Talked about manifesting good things in our lives. Will be meeting most Monday nights and fee covers craft materials plus.
  • Naked + Thriving, makers of beautifully nourishing skin oils, emailed me about a Detox oil for the face that is good for rosacea, which I have. It contains jojoba oil, evening primrose and frankincense. They offered free shipping and 15 percent off. I took the bait. $49.30.
  • Another email before I left home to work was from the Montclair High School scholarship fund. I made 3 donations on behalf of our family in memory of or in honor of special people. $25 + $50 + $25. Plus clicked OK to "help us cover costs," so add $3. $103. [Liz, I can hear you asking why I listed this here, since it's not a food, coffee, style or beauty purchase--and it is a good cause. But it is an unbudgeted, unplanned impulse spend, and so easy to do online with a debit card, so I want to track it. :)]
  • Walked by The Sky's the Limit thrift store at St. James Church on Valley Road--open Tuesdays. Found an old blue & white Currier and Ives pie dish, a knockoff, I think, $1; Calvin Trillon's book Travels with Alice, which I've long wanted to read, $1; 6 vintage floral napkins [trying to move away from paper], $7; and a rosary with little pink hearts instead of beads and pink purse that says "My Rosary" on the front, $1. Might give to Punchy, or keep. Tells how to say rosary on back of package. $10.
  • Joyist to work. Large mushroom zucchini soup w small slice GF zucchini bread, $12; avocado toast, $6. "Caramel" latte--flavored w coconut milk, dates and a little pure maple syrup--$7. Pack of 4 Java Energy Bites to bring home to girls, $5. Then, $10 for 1/2 lb. of Java Love organic light roast Ethiopian Sidama whole beans--the special Joyist blend. I can make a French press potful on three mornings with this one bag. $40.
  • Joyist closed at 5, and Punch is home with my sitter [it's Tuesday], so I walked over to Marcel Bakery & Kitchen to eat dinner and work more before event at Angel's. Bought roasted eggplant dip, $5.95, and freshly made pita chips, $1.95, to bring to gathering. Then I got dinner: 3 mini bourekas [Middle Eastern pastries], two cheese and one mushroom, 3 for $5. Tip, $1.25. $15.
  • Dan had car, so Uber to Angel's, $7.80 + $2 tip. $9.80. 
  • "Energy exchange" donation, $20.
  • Uber from Angel's back home, $7.85 + $2 tip, $9.85.
TOTAL: $256.95

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