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Friday, February 1, 2019


  • New windshield wipers installed by Jason, our wonder mechanic. $25.
  • Picked up Figgy's Acuvue contact lenses at eye doctor nearby. She quick-paid me $33 but there was tax, which I don't want her to give me. Still, I'm beginning to see how tax adds some dollars to my day! $1.95.
  • Free complimentary day at Eagle Rock Co brand-new coworking space. My first cup of brew was also gratis, after Counter Culture Coffee talk/tasting this morning. But I bought a Pure Light Soap for Sinners soy candle in jar. "Campfire" scent, to take me back to summer camping trips with Dan, young Fig and Punch. It has a 50-hour burn time, so $18/36 cents per hour of glow and fragrance. Plus tax, $19.19.
  • Chocolate chip cookie, regrettably not worth money or calories, $1.75 + 25 cents tip jar, $2.
  • Lunch at Little Bear Poke. salmon/brown rice bowl, $15.99 + $1 tip jar, $16.99.
  • Back to Eagle Rock Co. to work. Large decaf coffee + tip, $3.68. Later, hot cocoa made with Lake Champlain Chocolates unsweetened cocoa, 2 T sugar and milk. $3.73 + $1 tip jar, $4.73. $8.41.
Please help Hillside raise funds for this year’s musical Newsies! If you’ve ever been to a Hillside musical you know our students are incredibly talented!  But quality productions are expensive.  The money raised will go to fund the sets that were ruined in the flood and the broken soundboard among other expenses. 
Punch is on stage crew and even though the kids are also selling coffee beans to raise funds, I donated $10 plus $1.50 to help cover costs. when I saw this in PTA email blast. Debit cards make everything so convenient. $11.50.

TOTAL: $85.04


  1. Young adult parenting is no joke, but this post reminds me to be grateful for freedom from perpetual school fundraising, which is another thing I took for granted but now am re-examining. Do we really offer equal public education when parental means make such a difference school to school? Having said that, I love that the middle school has a creative outlet, and glad p is involved.

    1. You're right, isn't really equal public schooling when some communities can afford to privately fund more...Montclair is economically diverse, from mansions to not-mansions and low-income families and we have busing, started decades ago to balance our neighborhoods/education. Many people in town have deep pockets but also big hearts, as everywhere....when a fire burned a family home in town this past fall [thank God, no one was hurt], the boy goes to Punchy's school, and the PTA set up a GoFundMe page and it surpassed the several thousand dollar goal so quickly, it was then taken down. I was surprised there was a GoFundMe page for this drama performance, but obviously it works, since it has earned thousands already. This is a sticky issue. What are your thoughts? Love Alice

  2. I have always wanted to try out a co-working space. I love your stories of working at coffee shops. At my work, I have a large office - nothing to complain about, for sure. But I like the idea of being around different people doing completely different things, yet in my own little bubble of concentration. Since I'm not planning on working when I retire, co-working spaces are not likely in the cards, but coffee shops may be.


    1. Hi Nan.....yes, this coworking space idea is intriguing but when Fig met me there to drive home w me Friday, she was in, it's something wealthy people do when they want to say they are working, pay to use a space. But that's not my way of thinking...sometimes projects require concentration....."You have an office at home," Fig said. And of course I do, but I get scattered and prefer to get dressed and go out. She may have it right; I may have it wrong. She is new and smart and God bless her but she has not walked my journey and doesn't quite understand what it takes for me to energize my creativity. My talented niece up in Maine, a writer and marketer, also has a designated work space in a coworking place. I find it helpful to be near other people who are doing their jobs, whether making spinach blends or running businesses--or being writers, like me. I bet your next phase in life will be Alice