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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

New Meaning

I went to a women's meeting tonight at church and I liked it. I think I will commit to attending. I feel like this could be a formative step in my spiritual life, which began so long ago with Baptism, continued with that white veil and dress and sunlight streaming in on First Holy Communion....BTW, in addition to the real, little lace-trimmed bouquet of carnations from Jones Florist in Dumont, that was a good hair least it was in the B&W photo I had....

I've been applying for staff positions, too, and it feels pretty good.

  1. Punchy and I both pulled cards from the pretty little "Light Lessons" pouch that Meg and Greg sent me as a gift. Check this out. Today we pulled INTEGRITY and WITH WISDOM.
  2. Walked around block.
  3. Have been praying to remove myself from the center of someone else's difficult curve. I can get so dark. It's not my curve. I can be light.
  4. Hot bubble bath.
  5. Walked in and out of town for groceries.
  6. Chicken, baked potato w. butter and cottage cheese, broccoli.
  7. Meeting at 7:15.
  8. Going to bed soon.
  • Donation to Vermont Ski & Snowboard Museum in Stowe, late bday gift in honor of kind friend. $15.
  • Kings, because I could walk there at 3:05, sweep in and still be back at the schoolbus stop by 4 p.m. Got half-gallon organic milk, Gardein frozen vegan meatballs, 1/2 pint cream, butter on sale, dog food, deli turkey for me and Punch, etc. $33.95.
  • Also, the book I wrote and self-published about Anthony? The Franciscan monk turned world-traveling businessman? A few dollars are trickling into my bank account in profits. I want to do a whole post about it, but the link is HERE.
TOTAL: $48.95.