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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Queen of the Decaf Lattes Caps My Day

  1. Good dental care.
  2. Saw sunrise.
  3. 7 a.m. support group.
  4. Dermatologist follow-up.
  5. Walked Sug in the sunshine, down by the brook and into the little lane of Hobbit Houses.
  6. Private Benjamin. Both helpful and challenging.
  7. Ate some vegs, including broccoli and a couple of olives [are olives veg or fruit?].
  8. Nice tall ice water with clinking cubes.
  • Donation, $2.
  • Co-pay at dermatologist [considered specialist]. Steep. $50.
  • Whole Foods, because the big one in West Orange was right near dermatologist. Cutoff at cash I had on me. I realize I got some pricey luxuries, including olive bar [though family loved it] and hot bar. Got some good buys, such as Tiny Dancer daffs in pot, $1.99; PACT organic cotton low [Peds-style] socks, two pack at 50 percent off, so $6.49, and a pound of panko and feta crusted chicken cutlets, $5.35. Pleasure splurge for Figgy, much pricier than 1/2 gallon of 365 Brand almond milk for $2.99: An old-fashioned milk bottle full of almond milk "made right before your eyes," one quart N├╝Milk, $3.99. I am a trend watcher. Total in store: $46.75.
  • Parking meter, 10 cents.
  • New bakery on Walnut Street, Layers of Flavors--I got two little chocolate-dipped heart cookies, 50 cents each, for Punch and her friend. They were at our house rehearsing for school talent show audition. Plus tax and 25 cents in tip jar. $1.32.
  • Excellent decaf latte at Le Salbuen, I see on website that they use Toby's Estate Coffee from Brooklyn and, I think, grass-fed milk. I'm not sure which decaf beans they used but I would consider ordering a 12-ounce bag from Toby's online. The more I sidestep sweet treats, the more of a coffee connoisseur I become. $4.28 + 20 cents tip jar, all the change I had. $4.48.
TOTAL: $104.65.

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