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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Good Day

I rose by 6:10 to open the door for the 7 a.m. support group. Good meeting. Helpful.

Got my hair cut, always a pampering treat with blowout by Danielle, who also does editorial and advertising work.

Saw my friend Rach for lovely coffee.

Moved on a step with a staff position I would love to have.

Kept my Private Benjamin appointment.

Made healthy chicken cutlets piccata, with Rach's shortcut skillet recipe.

Good night.

  • Vamp Hair Studio, haircutwhich I get every 3 months. $120 plus tips, $151.
  • Jar of moisturizing body butter made by Nico at Vamp, $10.
  • CVS, mascara and shampoo, both with coupons to trim prices, about $8.
  • Joyist, used my free punch for lunch. Then hazelnut energy bites, $7.
  • Coffee shop tip [Rach had treated for drinks], $2, and bag of upscale City of Saints coffee beans, $21.19.
  • Kings, two large cans of white beans to make white bean mash, another great Rachael recipe, $2.50.
$ TODAY: $199.69.


  1. Happy Fat Tuesday, Alice! Checking blog now bc heading out early to get ashes.

    I use a cooler bag from one of Will’s summer jobs for frozen spinach and fruit and hard boiled egg, my breakfast and snack, and have a Tupperware from Johnfor my salad for lunch. I leave protein bars and salad dressing and tea at work. My little catholic school did not have a cafeteria, sobeen bringing lunch since I was 7 or so, really not amazing at all. I go out to lunch for occasions, but usually like having the time saved by having lunch made. I lug a computer back and forth so no cute tote, everything jammed into old school roller bag. The kids on the subway look at me like I am driving a buggy! Cracks me up.

    1. What Kim said--I love this visual, and your practical ways....xo

  2. Liz, you made my day with this visual--a buggy! LOL!

  3. We are doing our bit to be healthier in our eating habits and save money. We are starting the seeds for our garden plants this coming weekend. Dear hubby pruned the fruit trees and berry bushes last month and cleaning out the chickens coop each week is spread as fertilizer for the garden. Organic fertilizer creates healthier plants. I saw you spend $151 for your haircut each time, wow! That is expensive. I do have a friend in NJ that spends $140 every six weeks for hers and the color, but the color looks monotone especially the jet black that shows her gray so fast at her center part. I used to spend $60 every 3-4 months until I met my husband, then he took over doing it for me. Saves me hundreds a year without having to fear getting a bad salon haircut, and I cannot beat the pampering he does for me.

    1. Hi Keri. Thanks for the note. Love it. I’m going to compost more to get more beauty, and bang for my buck, from the garden. I love that your husband cuts your hair and pampers you. Alice

    2. Gardening can be a fun hobby, but a lot of work. Seeing the plants come up that we started, the fruit trees with their pink and purple flowers, picking fresh tomatoes, peppers, blueberries, strawberries and just being in the garden is fun. Doing the transplanting, spreading the compost (hubby’s job), weeding and watering are not so much. My grandmother always made jams, froze and canned vegetables and fruits, as well as making pickles. And my grandparents always had chickens. So living where we are with plenty of room, a large garden with fruit trees, bushes, a vegetable garden and chickens as of last year really help me relate to the things that she did. I always loved going down in her basement and getting a jar of vegetables or fruit and cooking with her, plus going out to gather eggs were fond memories. I had a number of bad haircuts at the salon as well as geeting my hair yanked and head jerked around. Getting caped and having my hair combed out by my hubby is a pleasure. He does the full sectioning and meticulously trimming my hair in increments to ensure it is neatly trimmed and even. I have him comb and braid my hair for me before work in the morning. The regular attention is the pampering for me. I do intend to expand the area I plant flowers this year as I love the way they look and smell, so relaxing and peaceful.