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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Letter from the Cape

Dear [fill in name--Dan, Sis, Moey, Figgy, Punch, etc.]--

Hope all is well back home.

Anne and I left Montclair at 10 a.m. and we were sitting in the Hot Chocolate Sparrow in Orleans by 3 p.m., very pleased with ourselves. I don't know if I have ever gotten to the Cape in five hours or less, not even before motherhood or traveling with ragtag Sug. Left to my own devices, I often take 7 hours. Today, only swift breaks for gas, restroom, drive-thru DD coffee.

The Cape air is beautiful, clean and crisp, the moon and clouds like moving art.

Most restaurants are closed, since it's March--rest time for fans of fried clams and swirled vanilla cones. The traffic is light. The roadside farmstands are padlocked. But the ladies at the Hot Chocolate Sparrow are still dipping caramels in vats of tempered chocolate and making Easter treats, too; you can watch through the glass window.

We ate for the first time at CShore, on Route 6 East in Wellfleet. My meal was so good--cheese grits, wilted greens and day boat scallops. Anne loved her risotto with butternut squash, caramelized onions, local cranberries and chicken.

We have never stayed in Truro before, but Anne found a great cottage on Airbnb at a reasonable rate [$94 per night for two nights, plus cleaning fees and taxes]. No rigorous cleaning for us before we hit the road Thursday. Now that's relaxing!

See you soon. Love you. 

Love, Alice [or Mom, Mim or Ali]

I want to rest. I only slept 4 hours last night because I couldn't drift off until 2 a.m. [was it the large black tea at Starbucks at 9 p.m. that did it?] and rose at 6 for the 7 a.m. support group meeting I like.

My throat is scratchy and I don't want to get sick.

Good night to you.

I haven't tracked spending since Friday, so I'm going to lump together my spends from Saturday, Sunday, Monday and today as best I can.
  • Saturday, nostalgic, iconic Serendipity in NYC, memorable birthday lunch and desserts for Punch, four girlfriends, me and Dan. With tip, $270.93. [And that's with kids sharing pasta entrees and Dan only having a green salad for lunch. Fortunately, he found street parking, two hours for just $10. I was tempted to buy five little glittery Beanie Babies at the shop that is part of the restaurant, about $7.50 each, for party favors. But mindful of this tracking and the amount of junk these kids all have already, I #resisted. I think they will hold on to the memory. I also cooked pasta and chicken nuggets instead of calling out for pizza at 9 p.m. during sleepover.]
  • Sunday, Kings for items including organic ground turkey, organic milk, 2 large cans San Marzano tomatoes, butter, corned beef on rye, ice cream, pasta, 2 green carnations [one each for Fig and Punch], frozen waffles, veggie burgers, vegan pizza, paper towels, 2 containers mushrooms, 5 containers fresh berries, four of them to bring to party, bday card, cash back for sweet teen's bday gift, $165.03.
  • Monday, parking at meters, $2.50.
  • Sugar vet appt to follow up on eye infection, get eye drops and monthly heart worm pills, $160.
  • Joyist, the Luke with "I'm Sick" boost added, two small bowls, one acai for Punch and one chia pudding for Figgy, $19.
  • Gasoline, Montclair, $20.
  • Starbucks, venti hot tea, $2.83.
  • Today, gasoline, Cape trip, Anne's car, $20.
  • Dunkin' Donuts drive-thru, small coffees, $4.04.
  • Hot Chocolate Sparrow, turkey panini, small bag potato chips, iced coffee and $1 jar tip, $13.
  • Thrift shop, shirt and sweater, $8.50.
  • Thrift shop, beautiful books about Ireland and Bobbi Brown beauty book, $5.
  • Eastham Superette for groceries and Cape note cards, $36.84.
  • Seeing four wild turkeys Anne noticed on roadside, $0.
  • Delicious Wellfleet dinner, counting tip and hot tea, $43.
MONEY THOUGHT: Traveling costs more than staying put. Gasoline, meals etc. etc. These 3 days/2 nights on the Cape with my dear friend and fellow Cape lover are such a gift. So glad our husbands could watch the girls. Anne & I hope to come back after school year ends with Nik, now 17, and Punch, now 12--and I hope Fig can join us here on our family vacation in early August. Again my March numbers are high because of birthday party, vet and trip to my beloved Cape!

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