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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Top 10: Navigating the Cape in March

Look how pretty. I drove from Eastham to Highland Light in North Truro with Dad and young Figgy
when it was being moved back from the eroding coast. Anne and I
saw it in the dark tonight, with the supermoon hanging close and bright. PHOTO LINK.
I'm getting sick, but Anne packed Tylenol. I don't like getting sick up here--especially since we only have three days/two nights. I also don’t want to give my friend the unwanted gift of a cold.

We leave our cottage on Bayberry Lane tomorrow by 8:30 a.m. I guess I shouldn't be surprised to feel feverish, since at Punchy's bday sleepover Saturday night, one of the girls had chills and shivers, a sore throat and a fever of 101. Her Dad had to come get her.

Anyway, we had a great day and had nice treats and saw so much beauty:
  1. Sunbird in Orleans for breakfast....Anne had been there, but I never had...I liked the coconut milk steamer with turmeric and ginger. I've heard a lot about golden milk, but this was my first taste.
  2. Another thrift shop....Anne loves thrift shops....I got 3 books.
  3. Very short walk on bike path, just because we were near it.
  4. Hot Chocolate pal is true to her Frozen Mocha Sparrow...I got a pound of single origin Ethiopian beans for my French press; a gift for Sis; and a bag of pink-foil-wrapped dark chocolate hearts for my girls. I want to get Dan something.
  5. Best.lobster.roll.ever at Mac's Seafood on Route 6 in Eastham. Six ounces of tender meat picked from the shell, served warm, on buttered brioche roll with lemon wedge to squeeze. SOOOO good. I asked the young man who made it about the popularity of the classic mayo-style vs this buttery lobster roll and he said the mayo one is much more popular here. Not for me!
  6. The Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary! Peace, nature, fresh air, birdsong, pine-needle-strewn paths, large turtles basking in the sun. Plump turkeys hogging at the bird feeders. Our whole ritual of checking in at the desk as proud members, quickly scanning the gift shop inventory, looking for wildlife on the trails.
  7. A Truro bay beach where you climb up the sandy bluff and then down, and can see the hook of the Cape narrowing and extending right to Provincetown, Pilgrim Tower and all. #amazing perspective
  8. Farm stand outside a house on our drive dozen Wellfleet eggs [shells are pale blue, brown and white], $7. Wood box to pay by honor system. I look forward to eating the eggs at home.
  9. Tonight, the supermoon...brighter and closer....we drove to see it at Highland Light, the old lighthouse, and also at Long Nook Beach...pretty moonlight shimmering on the water...
  10. We love this cottage, such a great price in March of $94 per night, but would cost a lot in season, since Truro is high on the desired list....We only paid $140 each for total stay, including $60 cleaning fee and $31.99 service fee. The cottage has everything, from tea bags to clean towels....I opened my bedroom window to breathe the air through the screen.
  • Sunbird, delicious bacon and egg breakfast sandwich and $1 jar tip, $9.56.
  • Sunbird, ginger-turmeric steamer to go, $4.82 and $1.18 jar tip, $6.
  • Thrift shop, 3 books, $3.
  • Hot Chocolate Sparrow, coffee beans plus gifts for Sis and girls, about $33.50.
  • Cottage Street Bakery, Monster Bar [oats, PB, choc chips--small portion] plus $1 jar tip, $4.05. 
  • Mac's Seafood, lobster roll, $22.99, and container of excellent kale salad, $27.38 plus $1 jar tip, $28.38.
  • Dozen Cape Cod eggs from farm stand, $7.
  • My half of fee for two nights in cottage, $140.
DAILY TOTAL: $231.49.
MONEY THOUGHT: Nature is free, and a top lobster roll is priceless. Splurge. Yum. [They have 4 or 6 oz. version; I got the larger one.] Renting a house or hotel costs money, but going off-season is great.


  1. Love reading this! Beach and wildlife sanctuary sound wonderful. You are very, very smart planning these getaways. Life goes fast. Crazy busy at work, but looking forward to own getaway in May to Ireland.

    1. Hi Liz! I couldn't reply on my phone, had to wait til back on my laptop...have to fix that...annoying...thank you. Yes, life goes fast. I'm so excited for your Ireland trip!!!!!!!!!!! Two things I bought at the Cape thrift shops are books about Ireland, because going is on my bucket list! Have a good day. Love Alice

    2. P.S. Liz, When I'm at the edge of the earth, the coast of the Cape, near bluffs and swaying heather/sea grass, I imagine it must be like England and friend Anne and her husband Michael honeymooned in Ireland....