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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Digging into April

Busy with work assignments for two magazines....

Tricky to job hunt and meet writing deadlines, but balancing as best I can when I can....

Drove with my friend Rach to lovely Chatham, NJ to pick up her repaired car....couldn't resist checking out a highly rated coffee place/gluten-free bakery in nearby Short Hills. Squirrel & the Bee Grainless Bake Shop was a 10 min. drive from the garage.

As always, fun to explore another town or neighborhood.

Signing off early here, but not from my work.

  • Starbucks app, grande iced Mango Dragonfruit Refreshers beverage for Punch, free with rewards earned on app.
  • Joyist, nice organic latte with fabulously thick, spoonable foam on top, free. That's because in February, I signed up for the fundraiser to support women-owned businesses and paid $40 for a week of unlimited coffee. I'm entitled to as many cups as I can drink for 7 days, and have a cool card that says so.
  • Squirrel & the Bee, book called Wheat Belly, by William Davis, MD--I want to read about this, since I often think I have a baker's white flour belly. The book also includes some great-looking recipes for GF baked goods that I look forward to trying. With tax, $14.96.
  • Same place, breakfast sandwich for me and pack of delicious vegan, chocolate-covered Sweet Potato Bee Bites that Fig, Rach & I loved. Together, w $1 tip, $16.50.
  • I don't think I'm going to include this in my monthly total....but maybe I should, since I did include Sugar's vet visits last month...Fig and Punch have Mochi, that tiny hand-me-down hamster they love, and he developed a lot of bald spots....the vet appt, counting meds and bloodwork, was $187.19. Vet thinks he has ringworm. Oh hell, I guess I will be scrupulous and include it. But we intend to collect some money from both girls for this astronomical fee for a baby fur puff. So when we do, will subtract from here. Ok, Fig quick-paid me $30 day later so I'm reducing our vet payment to $157.19 so far.
  • Parking meters, Short Hills and Montclair, $3.25.
  • Raymond's, classic club sandwich and large ice water plus $3 tip, $18.46.
DAILY TOTAL: $210.36.

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