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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Good Night, Atlantic City

No Wifi in my spot. But chill A.C. purring [I love cold air] in A.C. and Punch sleeping at her Mimi’s and Poppy’s, a few condos away. We all walked 2 miles on beach & boardwalk. Pretty ride down. Bought small Nest Blue Garden candle, smells so good, and new Johnson’s Blossoms Baby Powder, pink container with lovely fragrance, spotted at boardwalk store. Beachy beauty notes. I feel pampered.

Dan couldn’t join us--NY Times Magazine article task delivered just before Easter. It’s easier for me to fit in writing my shorter pieces down here [about pretty Bubbletecture book and amazing retreat on private island off Washington State] in between beach walks. Dan needs bigger blocks of time. It’s a gift that Mimi is here. We will probably drive the 2 hours home after dinner tonight, since Mimi has guests coming.

Stayed up til 1 a.m. today on article deadline and have to file at least one story from here tomorrow.

Punch so happy to be here and so am I. 

Sweet dreams.


  1. Ocean view, yay!

    1. Hi Liz....yes, I am forever glad to get a glimpse of the sea, anywhere.....A.C. went through some very rough times since its heyday but it still holds important [Miss America pageant] history and the Alice