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Monday, April 15, 2019

Making It through Monday

I walked into town today in a shortish yoga dress and my Nike sneakers. Had checked weather and it said 58 degrees in Montclair. I hadn't noticed any wind advisory. Not such a pleasant 20-minute walk because I had to hold the skirt of my dress down, so windy.

Things are looking up a bit. A call from Punchy's Mimi this evening was also helpful in terms of perspective.

I still have to go over Punchy's math and geography homework tonight, and dig into an article I'm writing. But want to blog now and sign off here.

Good night, in advance.

  1. Important writing, important phone call.
  2. Talked to Sis to catch up.
  3. That walk into town, as uncomfortable as it was with the whipping wind.
  4. Concealer, eye cream, eye shadow, mascara.
  5. Good dental care.
  6. Ate some veggies.
  • Saunders hardware store, garden gloves [had none] and 2 packs Burpee nasturtium seeds, the easiest flowers to grow in containers--with pretty edible blossoms for your salads and cake tops. $17.03.
  • Joyist, my healthy workspace, The Greg blend; avocado toast with greens; and coconut cacao energy bites, $25.
  • Gasoline, $10.

Big-ticket April spends so far, 15 days into the month:

Lamp, $79; luxe hand cream, $55; Giotto dinner to go + jar of imported Italian artichokes, $46; dog groomer/beauty salon, $75; vet for hamster, $157; necklace repair, $128; blowout, $55; Over the Moon, bday gifts for Punch friend + book for me, $60; Kings groceries, $132; liquor store, $32; bra/underwear/tights, $126; Joyist, $39 one day while working on assignments there; second blowout w service tips, $52; Punchy, Lululemon, $28; Justice, bday gifts and gift bag/pink tissue for Punch friend + shorts for Punch + $2 donation at register, $58; Kings groceries, $63; Joyist, $25. Steep subtotal of $1,210.

MONEY THOUGHTS: It was really helpful when Kim suggested a while back that I keep a running total of money spent as I record my daily spends. Also key that I have listed my monthly big-ticket spends in yellow and repeat the list every day, adding any other new big spends. It helps to reread the item list. Oh, right! I bought nice underwear, paid for a hamster to see the vet [even though Fig paid part of bill], bought luxe hand cream, got my hair blown out twice, had my pretty necklace repaired. The inventory review is a good reminder.


  1. Me too! Rainy in the morning when I left for work and had coat, but sunny when heading home, so had it rolled up in messenger bag. Ended up kneeling on sidewalk hauling coat out as wind whipped up. April!
    Not easy to read that you think I am tough on your daughter, but also a little funny to me. This is the gentler, post therapy me! Believe me, my sons wish they could have just read a book. My beloved Will, who has his mother’s bad mouth, has delivered handwritten apologies to half of MD. Anyway, take everything I say with a grain of salt because your home, child, parenting are unique to you. YMMV.

    1. Good morning, Liz. I'm sorry what I wrote was tough to read.....I am grateful for you and Kim and everyone else but wanted to say that....maybe we meet in the middle....or maybe you sense I can be a pushover and should toughen up sometimes. II see myself one way, but my writing may very well present another mother that I can't see, as the true self, IIDK. I don't think that reading a book is tough, BTW, but brilliant. I appreciate and relate to this: "And My beloved Will, who has his mother’s bad mouth, has delivered handwritten apologies to half of MD. " I had never heard YMMV, your mileage may vary, so thank you for teaching me! Love, Alice. Hope you and I both have a good day at work

    2. I meant IDK, not IIDK! no new acronym there!