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Saturday, May 18, 2019


I weeded the front gardens today. Sometimes, what looks like a flower turns out to be a weed, a fast-growing impostor that can crowd out your irises and lavender, choke the rosebush a Girl Scout troop gave you long ago.

There's a life lesson there....maybe someone you think is a true friend is not. A habit that seems harmless goes bad. A welcoming smile hides an underhanded intention.

Those perky little green weeds with tiny blue blooms....they pop up all over in moist soil, eager to carpet it.

The black-eyed Susans, kind of raggedy now, slyly take root near the sea grass border.

The good news is, most weeds are easy to pull. Their roots don't go deep, so up they go.

Hope you are having a good weekend.

  1. Got to my support group. Had missed a couple of weeks. Good to be there among friends. Caught up with my friend after.
  2. Pedicure--but went to one of the many nail salons in town to save $, instead of to the salon I like. The quality did not compare. The man who did the pedi didn't even apply a base coat before the color. 
  3. Nap.
  4. Gardening.
  5. Reading.
  • Kings, several big-ticket items. After much dedicated reporting and a trip to Cuba, Dan's article about the mysterious illness affecting diplomats in Cuba is in tomorrow's Sunday NY Times Magazine. Here is the online LINK or google Dan Hurley and Anyway, Dan just flew back today after 2 nights in Savannah working at a gig as 60-Second Novelist and is working at another party tonight in NYC. So we had no time to go out and celebrate. He likes good cheese and fig jam, so I got those. Here is list: dahlia planter, $20; small wheel Jasper Hill Farm Harbison Cheese from Vermont, $16.99 [in VT., I had their blue cheese in a chocolate truffle, yum]; Carr's cracker assortment, $4.99; new welcome mat for front stoop, $25; and lots of groceries, including tofu, vegan patties, Boca burgers, turkey burgers, whipped butter, regular butter [making tart for book group, need to do the dough], blueberry jam, Van's waffles, Peanut Butter & Co. PB on sale, etc, total, $119.01.
  • Parking meter, $2.
  • Bagel with turkey, Swiss, bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo--lunch special w drink, etc., $8.52 + jar tip, $9.
  • Pedi, $27 + tip, $32. Will not rush back there.
  • Joyist, iced coffee w. coconut milk to bring to Fig at work and hazelnut energy bites for me, $11.
  • Little Daisy Bake Shop, why did I walk in? Oh well, it was the single most delicious piece of crumb cake I have ever had, $3.20 + tip, $4.20. Tender, light cake crumb, no bitter shortening bite, just butter, and crowned with thick layer of perfect brown sugar crumbs.


  1. Congratulations to Dan! I printed out the article from your FB link and plan to settle in for a long read.

    Ugh! I have been trying to comment (your post about Garbarini nicknames) but have been unsuccessful. Hoping this one goes through. I don't know what is happening.. its like Google has something against me!

    Trying again, Linda

    1. Hi Lin. I wanted to post a reply but was too tired to get out my laptop. I was always able to comment on my iPhone before. Must figure out. I love the Garbarini nickname comment...thank you. Uncle Aldo's nicknames for you and Dut! Love them. And Uncle Anthony calling out "Author! Author!" after the seafood buffet. Hilarious. Love you, Lin. Alice