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Friday, May 10, 2019

Prayer Shawls + Blintzes

I went to the Meditation Room downstairs, near the cafe and gift shop, after getting breakfast this morning. I thought it might be like The Chapel at Mountainside Hospital in Montclair. As you looked around the small sanctuary, different religions were represented.

The M. Room, however, was plain, with four rows, each four chairs wide.....a long bench along the window...and several prayer shawls of different patterns. It was simple but stark. It holds the people and the people hold the prayers. Other than the shawls, no tangible symbols of stained glass, chalice, etc. I sat there alone.

I was grateful for the space. When Figgy was sick in the hospital during high school--New York-Presbyterian in White Plains--I found the beautiful chapel on the ground floor and sank down in sadness and solidarity. You could write your prayers. The ceiling was celestial blue with an exquisite golden moon and stars. I'm going to search my blog now and see if I can find that.


I also found the most delicious blintzes in the kosher section of the cafe today. Yum...chilled...with small round button container of sweet strawberry jam. They are made by Fresko [Fresh Kosher]. So tender, filled with farmer cheese, cream cheese,  vanilla. I ate one in the two-pack, which cost $7.70. Will bring other one back to Connecticut and I hope Sis tastes it.

Deposit a foodie anywhere, and she will discover new flavors. Seek and ye shall find.

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