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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dinner at 9, Not So Fine

It's not like I had a reservation at a chic restaurant on the Upper East Side or in Soho or anything, and was fashionably dressed, sipping white wine in slim white jeans at a small table with white blossoms on top.

No, I was trying hard to eat healthfully--got nice fresh breaded tilapia at the fish market in ShopRite, but by the time I got up and out to grocery shop, it was after 7 P.M. It was one of those days. Could most definitely have something to do with the very heavy lunch I had. By the time I returned, H. had eaten the leftover spinach salad with goat cheese [yum] that our friend Anne brought over last night, and Figgy had supped on a hotdog from last night's barbecue with her girlfriends here. So nobody wanted fish, except Sug, and she couldn't have any.

So I had my fish and crunchy baby carrots and half ear of sweet white corn, all delicious. But the problem was, it was so late, that before that, I ate [standing up] a snack-size Häagen-Dazs ice cream pop; an ounce of low-fat cheese; and a box of special-edition Lilly Pulitzer animal crackers [2 servings per box].

And I just got my blood test results in the mail today from my doctor. My triglycerides are on the high side. I need to get them down. And I plan to. But obviously, not by dining at 9--not in this fashion, at least, with all of those unhealthy apps. I do not want to be a walking heart attack. That would not be pretty.

Good night.

  1. Boot camp in the park.
  2. Walked Sug around block once.
  3. Napped and read.
  4. Got nice Burt's Bees baby bath for soaking in--on sale @ ShopRite. 
  5. Tracked my spending.


  1. Oh, Alice, I was also in the supermarket at 7 last night and sat down to eat at 8. It's so hard to eat fresh food without an almost daily trip there. (My lazy family had not fed themselves earlier, so at least I had company.).

    I believe your heart will benefit so much more from the boot camp and walks, the food is a distant afterthought. Hooray for sticking with the boot camp.

  2. Nan, thank you for that nice note.....and your support....i trust all is well. alice

  3. Lilly Pulitzer animal crackers??? What shapes are they? Little handbags, shoes, pens and cosmetic bags? Exercise is such a great thing that you do for yourself (and for your triglycerides). I am so impressed that you remain so committed to it. Love, Lin

  4. Hi Lin. Yes, I think this is only the 2nd year that Lilly has done animal crackers! Just $1.49 a box, like regular animal crackers--you know, the cute little circus box. But this one is in Lilly colors and is really cute. Limited time only; got at my ShopRite. Last year, proceeds went to world wildlife fed, this year to keeping art in schools, i think. thank you for the support on my exercise. love, al