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Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Land of Lemon Drops

H. and I went out for a nice dinner tonight! It's been a while. We went to Halcyon on Walnut Street in Montclair. I'd heard nice things about it, and then our next-door neighbor/friend, Julie, told us today that they make a nice martini, which H. deserved after a full day of seeding our front and back lawns in the rain and mud.

But we each opted instead for a Lemon Drop in a sugar-rimmed glass. A nice sipper, though not great. However--the food! We shared a stacked salad with roasted beets and luxe French feta, then H. had New Zealand Salmon Three Ways [House Smoked, White Truffle Oil Tartare, Chive Fritter] and a side of roasted garlic mashed potatoes, piped in a fancy mound into a little cast-iron skillet. Yum!

I had the Grilled Swordfish Meuniere, which was delicious, with pan-seared fingerling potatoes and slender haricots verts. My dessert [banana-chocolate brioche bread pudding, smallish serving] was lacking--it could have been warmer, softer and meltier, with richer, realer, more pronounced chocolate, and more of it.. But H. had a nice big bowl of sweet fresh red and blue berries with cream.

It really was a treat to eat out, and catch up. I felt so pampered to be waited on, and not doing the dishes. To have my water poured, my order taken, the crumbs carefully swept away. We did love the restaurant and plan to return.

Good night.

  1. Napped, since got up at 5:15 to help serve breakfast at 6 A.M. to some homeless families temporarily housed in a local stone church.
  2. Walked Sug around block once, in between rain showers.
  3. Went to a cool vintage thrift shop with Fig. 
  4. Discussed finances civilly with H.
  5. Finished Great Gatsby [don't like tragic way it ends].


  1. Hi, Alice. So glad that you're involved in community work; it's so rewarding and everybody benefits. Also, yes, the ending of the "Great Gatsby" was tragic... but such a good book. I may have to read it again on vacation. Take care. Love, Linda

  2. That sounds like a good day on all counts ... bless you for feeding those families! Dinner sounds great, and I'm sure you both deserved a nice night out.

  3. Hi Lin and Eileen. Thank you for the notes. I would like to do more volunteer work, and get my family involved if possible, too. love, alice