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Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Celery Farm

Some parents pack their suitcases pronto and head for the beach or other vacation spots when their kids go away. We haven't, due to various obligations. And this weekend, our first full one this stretch without Figgy, I've felt like a crab missing a leg, the kind of hapless creature you see washed ashore.

I did rouse myself to do some good things--and did avoid doing unhealthy things, like eating mounds of marshmallows--but it's really thanks to H. that we got out and took a nice walk this evening at a nature preserve called The Celery Farm in Allendale, NJ. I'm glad he insisted. It was peaceful and quiet, and reminded me of my beloved Wellfeet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary on Cape Cod. I should be back there soon! But this one was only about 30 minutes away, not 300+ miles!

We saw wild raspberries and a Canadian goose and a rusty old farm tractor and cattails, and heard frogs and bird calls--and also met a couple of other families quietly taking it all in.

Good night.

  1. Rode my bike to church and back, and added a short extra loop on way home.
  2. Walked Sug around block 1 1/2 times.
  3. Read and napped.
  4. Nice walk at nature preserve.
  5. Stared down Cheez Waffies @ Stop & Shop.
  6. Late, healthy dinner made by H.--salmon, steamed green beans, warm bread, coleslaw,  fresh cherries.


  1. Celery Farm sounds lovely - I think I might take the girls there this week! Thanks for the suggestion. Hope Figgy is enjoying camp - the weather was perfect there last week.

  2. Hi was buggy, so beware....but i hope you enjoy it.....hope to see you soon love alice