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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Little Green Diary: Endless Days of Summer

If you grew up in the seventies, you remember a series of Breck Girls! Brooke Shields, 1974.

It doesn't really feel like summer to me, b/c I haven't been to the beach or pool enough to get tired of going. I'm not bored with applying sunscreen or worried about getting too much sun. I haven't been immersed in the season. But I'll be going to the beach for a few days next week!

Flipping back through my diary, I see my 1970s summers were kind of mundane, but in a good way.

Tennis camp [I think I played for a week's worth of one-hour lessons, never more], typing class, picnics, and swimming in my friend's pool. Also, all-important notes about when I washed my hair, and when my friends got new haircuts, like the pixie style Irene got. Exciting news from July 18:

1973 [age 12]:  Mr. Durham said my typing was "beautiful." I went in Irene's pool and washed my hair. I played with Donna too, at night.
1974 [age 13]: I washed my hair. Mom, Dad & I went to Rockaway. At Baskin-Robbins I got a boysenberry cheesecake ice cream cone. It was good.
1975 [age 14]: Don't think '75 summer was boring! I never had time to write in my diary!

And here's what I'd squish onto several lines now: 
2011 [age 50]: Life goes on. Boot camp, read, rested. Worried about Fig. Scurried to post office before it closed at 7 P.M. to send care pkg to camp: granola bars she likes, a letter, and some other things, including pretty red and white striped straws. The sunflowers in our front yard are gigantic, like out of a storybook. H. planted some last summer and they reseeded for this year. Was productive this evening, hope for better day tomorrow.

Good night. 

Link for Brooke Shields ad:

  1. Boot camp in the park. We boxed today!
  2. Lots of ice water.
  3. Lots of bill sorting. Felt good.


  1. I remember those Breck ads... they were beautiful portraits. Advertising is so "screaming" now, they would probably never work anymore. Glad you had such clean hair in the seventies :) Love, Linny

  2. Yes, weren't they beautiful, Lin? You are right, they wouldn't work right now, but do you think our culture will come full circle and ad styles like that will return again? love alice