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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday Driver

Whenever I see Queen Anne's Lace, I think of my mother, whose name was Anne.

Drove Fig back to FV after holdover weekend, between Session 1 and Session 2.  H. stayed home to work on a big article deadline.

I liked the 2 1/2 hours in the car with Fig. I'm no fool--it's a chance to connect. Figgy pointed out some cows on the way. I spotted a heron. We saw tons of Queen Anne's Lace and glorious mountains. I noticed some mimosa trees. H. and I still have our worries about our Figgy being away, but we have reason to believe/hope/trust that things will be okay. Fingers crossed, prayers said.

Camp drop-off is full of emotions for kids--excited, happy, free, scared, even sad. I saw one young freckled-faced girl clutching her pillow and sobbing on the check-in line in the dining hall. It's unusual to see tears on the way in, though I've seen them often on departure day, because the girls don't want to separate and go back to normal life. First, I imagined Freckles was holding her big sister's pillow [big sister going to camp] and crying because she was going to miss her. Then I decided she was crying because she wasn't in the same cabin as her friends. This happens, and it breaks hearts. But then they do mend. Now, from a new perspective on my living room couch, I'm hoping that Freckles wasn't crying because somehow her parents hadn't registered her in time for the camp session. No room at the inn--that would be the worst heartbreak of all, I guess. Or, maybe she forgot something really important, had just learned that there is no cell reception up in the mountains, or had never been away from home on her own.

On the way back, I was determined to stop somewhere pretty in Sullivan County instead of motoring straight through on a 5-hour round trip. I thought Monticello sounded nice, so I took that exit, but the part I saw was ordinary at best--gas station, kosher bakery, convenience store. Lake Louise Maire always sounds so evocative, so I took that exit, too. But the lakefront off the exit was private, open to members only. I drove along the winding road, but didn't spot a public entrance. I longed to sit by the water and just watch it, to calm my soul. Watch still water, moving water, boats, kids. Listen to sounds, or to quiet.

Passed a house where no one was home, no cars in the drive. Made a u-turn and decided I would pull up there. Chickened out. What if the family returned while I was there, or the neighbors were watching the house and saw me?

So I soldiered home....lots of Sunday traffic....left FV by 3 and didn't reach Montclair until after 6:30. Almost fell asleep at wheel. Listening to old rock music perked me up.

Good night.

  1. Um, uh....pretty disastrous road food day...too embarrassed to report here. But did bring lots of ice water for the drive.
  2. Bought roast chicken, baby greens and organic skim milk at ShopRite on way home.

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