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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Candlelight & Cocoa

I love candlelight, and that's one good thing about Hurricane Irene. Though we were very fortunate not to lose our power this time, we still lit the candles.

The long, slender cherry-red tapers [now in our pewter candlesticks] came from a house sale I wrote about, when an older lady's possessions were parceled out by a team of women in town who run sales like these in a very organized way. I can't help but wonder: Did the lady buy these one December? Was she saving them for a special occasion, when visitors would gather around her table? The tapers are so graceful and pretty. They were kind of a weird and oddly personal thing for me to buy, but affordable and practical, too. Still, it somehow broke my heart. I love my candle basket that I try to keep stocked--and one day, I will be gone, just like the lady.

But speaking of teams of women who do things in organized ways, Amy, Barbara, Patsy and I joined forces this afternoon to pump and vac Dean and Julie's basement. D and J are in Ohio, and since I have the key, I checked their basement. Water, water everywhere. Amy helped me with the water vac, which I had never used before, and then remembered that Barbara and John had a pump to lend. So Barbara came down with the tiny but mighty electric pump. Then Patsy showed up and helped us, too. It was fun that way, working together in our rubber rain boots.

I like our neighborhood.

Hoping Figgy and Sis and Don can fly home tomorrow night from Greece! So many flight delays and cancellations at JFK now, don't know what will happen. And also, spoke to Sis's neighbors, and her power is out in Connecticut. Don't know if it will be back on tomorrow or not.

Good night, stay safe.

  1. Church.
  2. Read, napped.
  3. I figure vacuuming up water in a basement must be good for the heart.
  4. Made the brownies from BabyCakes cookbook. Moist and intriguing, with a 1/2 cup of coffee and good cocoa. No butter, better for my heart. But FYI, I think the garbanzo-fava bean flour may lead to gas. Wrapped and froze most. Baking truly nurtures my soul--from the measuring to the tasting to the stowing. But must admit that what I really want to make is the full-tilt Peanut Butter Pie that my friend Lisa blogged about! Need an excuse to make it. Check her enticing blog: This little piggy went to the farmers market.


  1. I'm so glad that you stayed afloat enough to light those tapers... voluntarily! Also, sorry to hear about your neighbors basement but at least you all were able to make a difference in the amount of damage that they would have surely faced when they come home. Good neighbors make such a difference. Take care. Love, Lin

  2. Hi Lin...thank you....i am glad you and Joe worked out of the "lake" alice

  3. Did you try the peanut butter bars? They were really good, just leave them to thaw very slightly and they shockingly good.
    So glad you were unscathed by Irene. Your neighbors sound the best!