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Monday, October 17, 2011

Out, Damned Mellowcremes!

Bought a set of these Martha Stewart Crafts cello treat bags with boxes Friday.
Well, I just put the Halloween candy out in the trunk of the CR-V. Had to get it out of reach.

It all started b/c I had a $10 rewards coupon to A.C. Moore, where I found the Martha Stewart spiderweb cello bags with boxes [above] on sale. I bought only one six-pack, figuring I'd make a few little Halloween gifts.

But I needed the cute, colorful handfuls of unwrapped crafty candy to fill them. So at Target Saturday night with H. [our very exciting Saturday night], I saw the huge Halloween candy department and the good prices for giant bags of M&Ms, candy corn and Brach's Mellowcreme Pumpkins. A pretty, pampered blonde mom with a perfectly glossy French manicure, wearing sexy, tailored bell-bottom blue jeans and high heels was stocking up, so I figured I would, too. Even though I didn't resemble her at all, in my black denim skirt with flour smudges on it, and my bad hair day. The power of persuasion.

We don't need those, H. said.

But I'm making some little Halloween crafts, and these are bargain prices, much better than at the supermarket, I said.

Darn. Hate it when he's right. Cannot comfortably co-exist with big sacks of candy around. Better off with small ration of good chocolate.

Talk soon.

TCOY for Sunday, Oct. 16
  1. Rode pink bike to church and back, adding short extra loop on way home.
  2. Walked Sug around block once, and on long walk past Iris Gardens with H., Jean and Terry later. 
  3. Took Fig and myself for a manicure.
  4. Made healthy supper. Never saw so many vegetables in one skillet in my life. Enough to feed army.
  5. Had white wine with supper, went to bed early [10:20]. Going to experiment with doing that [not necessarily the wine, but the early to bed] instead of blogging late every night. This morning at boot camp, I seemed to have more energy.


  1. I can't comfortably co-exist with big sacks of candy around either. Or even little sacks, or boxes. I have banished our Halloween candy to the far reaches of the basement but I know that I'm still not safe. It's better if the outer packaging doesn't get opened at all. Glad you found an inconvenient place to store yours until goblin day. Love, Linda

  2. Hi Lin. Yes, definitely better if outer bag is never opened, and I knew that going in...fortunately, H. has the car at the library now, so the car is not parked out front in a nearby danger zone. love, alice