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Friday, October 28, 2011

Props for Dominik, with Bill Cunningham!

Dominik and Bill Cunningham!!!!!!! Photo by Fig.
Last Saturday, while I was skirting around Cape Cod with Sis, Don and Sug, walking on the beach and eating lobster, Figgy went into NYC with her school friend Dominik and Johnny, owner of Speakeasy Vintage in Montclair. Johnny drove them to the Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show and the world's coolest fashion photographer--Bill Cunningham of The New York Times--was there! He snapped a photo of them, and then Fig snapped this photo of Mr. Cunningham with Dominik.

So awesome. Fig, Dominik and Johnny are so into fashion--history, design, details, brands, wearing. Meeting style chronicler Bill Cunningham as a suburban high schooler now would be like me happening upon Woodward & Bernstein in the seventies.

Click here for Dominik's blog! He calls it Commotion Notion, and gave me permission to post the photo here. Bill Cunningham seems so gracious to have stopped for the kids. Here's the link to the post I wrote after seeing the documentary about him.

And: Here's a YouTube video about Speakeasy Vintage, where Dominik works, and where Figgy is working for the first time tomorrow, from 1 to 4. She is so excited!

I am so grateful for Dara, who told us about the shop and then for Johnny, who showed us around the shop and told Fig about Dominik and the high school Fashion Club. Nice circle of life and luck.


  1. Wow! What a great star sighting! And I say star in the truest sense of the word, Bill Cunningham!!

  2. Hi Kim. I know, I am just so thrilled for them that they saw Bill Cunningham! I would love to see Bill Cunningham! I look for him sometimes in NYC.