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Monday, October 24, 2011

Welcome Home

It feels nice to be back. H. carved a fat pumpkin with Figgy and Punch yesterday, and it was glowing on the stoop when I arrived. He strung tiny orange lights in the dining room, and had dinner waiting--a ready-roasted chicken, baby carrots and mashed potatoes.

It's different to travel with Sis. She's organized, on time. H. and I tend to fly by the seat of our pants. We have sometimes returned home from Maine or the Cape at 1 A.M. or later. One summer Sunday, we left Great Pond with Figgy at 8 P.M. to face a six-hour drive. Crazy, but we three wanted to take one last dip. With Sis, I was back shortly after 8 P.M. It felt civilized.

Here's hoping that the big breath of fresh Cape air will see me through a very productive week. I can't tell you I liked pulling away and seeing Coast Guard Beach and the Hot Chocolate Sparrow in my rearview mirror. But I am very grateful that I got to see them again.

Good night.

  1. Shared laughs with my sister.
  2. Short walk on the beach but enough to drink in the view.
  3. Popped into North Eastham Post Office for two postcard stamps and loved being there on a Monday, a workday, when regular, year-round residents were picking up their mail and exchanging greetings. Me and the old salts.
  4. Corned beef reuben on marble rye from Sam's Deli. Sis told me to skip the bag of chips, and I did. She's worried about my health.
  5. Music and singing in car.


  1. Ah yes, the workday magic. I remember as a kid, the rare day being home from school and getting that peek at another world. I still love it. One of the things I treasure about working at home, when I remember to appreciate it. But being in Bellport during the winter on a workday, all those feelings come back.

  2. Kim, from the way you and Nan describe it, Bellport sounds so lovely!