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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Up and Running

By the time H. and I got back from boot camp about 11 A.M. today [he goes now, too], the power was on in our house. We were so grateful. I spent about 2 hours cleaning out the fridge and the freezer, spraying with lemon Lysol, etc. I was thinking how hard it must be to be a cleaning lady.

I also made pretty jewel-tone cranberry sauce with two bags of berries that had been in the freezer through a couple of power outs now, and a blueberry-apple crumble with a bag of previously frozen blues.

I want to go to sleep now. But now that Sandy's damage is behind us in our little nuclear family, I hope I can maybe help some people who were not so fortunate. And I need to focus more on my work. And organizing my life.

Tomorrow after school, Fig and I are heading to Providence, Rhode Island, for a tour of Rhode Island School of Design on Friday. We'll be back Saturday night.

Good night.

  1. Boot camp in the dome.
  2. We had Anne, Michael, John and their kids over for dinner and it felt really nice to sit around and talk to them. Those two families STILL don't have power, due to felled transformers, I think. It really is an endurance test.


  1. I'm so happy for you, at last! Makes you appreciate stuff, yes? Good for you, immediately helping out others.

  2. Hi Nan and Kim. oh yes i am so grateful for heat, and oven, and toaster, and laptop and dishwasher and washing machine and dryer. thank you. xo alice

  3. Repeat Kim's YAY!!!! Let me know all about Rhode Island School of Design. Lucky Figgy. Love, Lin

  4. We take power too often for grant Alice, I learned my lesson a few times (and I could now put to shame a boyscout!) So happy to hear you are back in the saddle! Sounds like your house must have smelled heavenly with all the baking!

  5. Hi Lin....thanks for the good too, Noelle....:) yes we take power for granted...both electrical power and personality power....alice