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Monday, November 26, 2012

Rolling: Lincoln

I now want to read about this towering man.
This one is a game changer. A life changing movie. I did not know that 400,000-plus men died in the Civil War. I did not know how brilliant and personable and determined Abraham Lincoln was, how tenacious and dogged in his battle to end slavery, how devoted a father.

I loved meeting him and his wife, Mary Todd Lincoln--feel I really did get to meet them through the hard-hitting work of Daniel Day-Lewis and Sally Field. Tommy Lee Jones was so great as Thaddeus Stevens, and the surprise twist at the end, when he goes home to take off his wig and go to sleep, is a cherry on top.

Oh, what a man Lincoln was, and what a visionary Steven Spielberg is, to take this towering giant and turn him into an almost supernatural force. Lincoln was so deeply intelligent, disarming, witty. I am awed by the work of both of these men.

H. and I loved it. And for the first time, we went to the AMC dine-in theatre in West Orange. Big, cushy, reclining chairs, drinks, food. He had beer and a quesadilla, I had seltzer with lime and lobster pizza [only okay].

Good night.

  1. Boot camp in the park.
  2. Nap.
  3. Movie!!!!!!!!!!!! Have been dying to see it.


  1. Yup! My favorite so far, for sure! Read more about Thaddeus Stevens on Wikipedia. Very fascinating!

  2. yes, we went right to wikipedia when we got home last night and read about him...!!! have a good day Kim

  3. Talk about a man who lived AND with for his principles! Y. and I were so moved by his choice of burial and his epitaph.

  4. i know....really me want to do something really meaningful with my life, you know? but likely it will just have to be LITTLE meaningful things...what a gift he gave us