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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Dream Roll: Back in Dumont with Dad

Last night I dreamt I was with Dad. I'm not surprised, b/c I was thinking of him a lot when watching "The Twilight Zone" marathon on the Syfy channel.

I can't remember it all b/c it is now 3:46 P.M. and I woke up at 6:30ish.

But we were back in the Dumont house on Bedford Road. Dad wanted me to do some errands with him, including going to the jeweler for repairs. One was a pearl bracelet, like the fine gold chain he got Mom, interspersed with single cultured pearls, spaced out at a distance [kind of a forerunner to the famous Tin Cup necklaces]. The jeweler fixed the broken chain by putting a kind of clunky tunnel over it--like a cardboard tube or something. It also had the name of the jewelry store on it. It was obvious, and ugly. We asked him to please do another repair, and he was going to. We just wanted the chain fixed.

Then there was a simple ladies' watch with a one of those stretchy bands. I don't know what was wrong with it.

Finally, Dad wanted to get two paintings framed. The man [still the jeweler] suggested framing them together. When placed side by side, they looked like a continuation of the same painting. We really liked it, and hadn't seen it that way ourselves. We were trying to figure out where he would put it, if he had enough wall space for a painting like that, rather than two separate smaller ones.

Then Dad went back home to take a nap...but on my brother Will's bed, upstairs. He was tired. The bed had the turquoise ribbed bedspread that in real life was on my bed, across the hall. He also had a mask on his face [I'm sure this is related to a pig mask I saw in a "Twilight Zone" episode yesterday, an episode that Dad and I watched and talked about in real life.] Take the mask off, I said. and helped him get it off. I was afraid he wouldn't breathe right with it on.

I said I'd be back another day soon, but I had to hurry and catch the bus to work--to an office in NYC. I just about caught the 1:15 but it went by without stopping. Then a smaller bus came along, and I took that. I felt torn, leaving Dad behind and also being late for work--like I hadn't done either part right.

I don't remember anything else--but when I awoke, it felt I had really been with and seen my good Dad. In real life, I ran him around to do a lot of errands: doctor, drugstore, bank.

But why was he napping on Will's bed? He never did that. Always on the recliner in the living fact, he didn't like going up to Will's room b/c he would always worry about all the stuff Will had stored in there and what would happen when he had to sell the house.

Perhaps there is a message buried in this.

  1. Boot camp in the soccer dome. Boxing.
  2. Walked Sug around block.
  3. Salon blowout.
  4. Made brown rice, veggies and broiled scallops for dinner.

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