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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Winter Slumber

The cookbook freeze is over. Bought this one on sale @ Williams-Sonoma.
This week back to school for Fig and work for us has been hard....want to stay snuggled under covers, or on couch by the pretty Christmas tree.

I promised Fig a couple/few months ago that I wouldn't buy any more cookbooks till Christmas, b/c it's true that a. they can cost a lot and b. I have so many already. But today I got the one above and made a winter's supper from it: Mushroom Egg Bake, with whole-grain ciabatta cubes, grated Gruyere, 18 ounces of mushrooms. [I eliminated the bacon and upped the mushrooms, since H. doesn't eat meat.] As always, I minded my kitchen cleanup chores less when the oven was doing its work. And the cakes in this book look really good: raspberry angel food, dark chocolate Bundt and more...the midwestern author raised three chickens in her suburban yard and came up with great ways to cook poultry [but not her three birds] and an abundance of eggs. Nice.

Good night. Sleep tight.

  1. Private Benjamin with H. New family budget rules in place. Good.

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