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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mandatory Reading: Lilly

Just ordered this 2012 book on Amazon for just over $15.

I feel excited. I went to my first weekly writer's class [7 to 9 P.M.] here in Montclair with Laurie Lico Albanese, who has published several books. It was me and four other women in Laurie's office with her, under the eaves, with tea and ice water and fresh berries. We listened, we read, we shared our feedback. I really enjoyed it. I have started writing a mystery novel. I sketched out the main character before class today. I have been dreaming about the story thread.

I took a free 1-evening class with Laurie a couple years ago and really liked that, too.

I headed to Amazon after class to order one of Laurie's books--Lynelle by the Sea--and to get the book for our next book group [Gone Girl]. To reach $25 and qualify for free shipping, I searched Lilly Pulitzer and up came this book, which I know I will savor. I own Lilly's entertaining books [Moey even gave me one], but this should be a delicious and stylish read.

Good night.

  1. Boot camp in the park.
  2. Brief walk with Sug.
  3. Have continued to eat healthy and cut back on sugar and I feel a difference. Less exhausted, for sure, fewer cycles that end in collapsing and craving a cup of coffee or piece of chocolate. Today I had delicious foods like lox, whole-grain bread, turkey, chicken, butternut squash, banana, coffee yogurt and walnuts. I noticed that my grocery bill was much lower without the treats, too.


  1. So happy to hear about the prospect of a book from you! Laurie Albanese sounds inspiring (of course I checked the above link) and I really like her explanation of why she loves to write fiction. Lucky you, to live so close. So... good luck! Love, Lin

  2. A mystery novel!!! So fun!! Do keep us posted. I'm so impressed and inspired by you!

  3. Hi Lin...yes, Laurie is a very good teacher....I wish you lived nearby to take it, too.....i wonder if there are workshops around you? evening adult schools [at the high schools] may have them.....Kim, thank you......i am a writer who starts and starts and really wants to finish one day. love alice

  4. p.s. Kim, have you been working on your book? It is really are such a good writer.

  5. Aw, thanks, Alice, from one starter to another ;-)

    But, no, I decided that I wouldn't start it again until the girls are away. I think I'll start working on it in September and sign up for another memoir workshop in January 2014. That being said, thoughts have been bubbling. ...

  6. Kim...that sounds like a plan! as long as you get back to it....