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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

While the Cat's Away

While the Cat's away--getting a brain zap @ Harvard, traveling to California for a luxury publishing retreat and getting his IQ retested @ Mensa, all three for the book he is writing--I  have more freedom at home. Freedom to:
  • Put my pretty wicker picnic basket in the living room. I'm quirky that way. I won it in a raffle once--it was a fancy gift given to Mercedes buyers. It has real plates, real glasses, tiny salt and pepper shakers. I don't have the Mercedes, but I have the picnic basket. And one day I will use it, like Grace Kelly in  "To Catch a Thief." The thing is, it's big and so H. wants me to put it in my office, right off the living room. Child that I am, I refuse to put it in the basement. But it crowds my little office and besides, it's just fun and whimsical to see it with the lid open in the living room, beckoning me to a summer picnic--with H. and Fig.
  • Make chicken sausages for dinner for me and Figgy. It's not that I don't cook meat or poultry when vegetarian H. is home, it's just that we have to have a meatless version then, too. So this is easier.
  • Play CDs in the morning. When it's H.'s turn to sleep and mine to get up @ 7 with Figgy, I can't play CDs to get myself going without a kick of sugar/cocoa/caffeine. But today I did. And I liked it.
All of that said, I miss him, too. BTW, here's what I blogged about a year ago while he was away--CHOCOLATE PUDDING.  And right now, I'm experimenting with the idea of not having sugar--hot mochas, chocolate, cupcakes, brownies, energy bars, other sugar-laden things--but planning to allow myself to bake something once a week. So far I have done without the treats since 3 P.M. yesterday. That's good for me.

Good night.

  1. Made daily checklist.
  2. Boot camp in the park. Running up steps, weights, lunges, sprints...
  3. Walked Sug around block.
  4. Veggies.

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