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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tightening My Belt

H. and I have sought the help of a counselor and as in the past, money came up. Specifically, my spending. So today, I took the challenge. I have agreed for one month [well, it's technically four weeks, until Valentine's Day] to not engage in impulse spending and purchases of unnecessary things, including:
  • Pricey chocolate
  • Clothing
  • Accessories
  • Makeup/fragrance
  • Cookbooks
  • Books
  • Stationery
  • Jewelry
  • Home decorating items [uh-oh. wondering now if i have to add candles and flowers/plants. probably. but the question is, is tranquility unnecessary?]
The counselor--a woman I like a lot--also tagged on No more Starbucks but then gave that back to me. I would like the option of getting a nice hot joe or mocha somewhere, though probably not Starbucks.

The thing is, I feel excited about it. I sat in the appointment itching to be home cleaning my closet--because I already have so many nice things and want to appreciate them more, aka shop my own closet.

H. and I are both starting the week [every Thursday] with a certain amount of cash. I will not carry a debit or credit card or checkbook, and I've taken checks out of the checkbook already and filled them out by name [for doctor appts., Fig's sewing lesson, etc.].

This should be interesting. I am hopeful. I know I don't need any more of those frivolous things anyway. I will keep you posted. Thanks for listening.

  1. Stared down Carmelita Bar at Whole Foods.
  2. Private Benjamin with H., plan in place [see above].
  3. Walked Puff around block.
  4. Hatched a plan to reconnect with my mom and what I miss about her.
  5. For dinner, I made brown rice and H. made fish and veggies. I also made raspberry crisp.
  6. Went to writing class tonight.
  7. Ate a clementine at writing class!!! Fruit!!! The teacher puts out snacks, including sweets. And ya know what? It felt good to unzip that peel and the little sections tasted sweet and juicy.
  8. Talked back to myself [in my mind] when negative self-talk began.


  1. This sounds like a great plan! Good strategies. Keep us posted. I really look forward to hearing how you're doing with this.

  2. Go Alice! And I love the idea of closet shopping. Much luck... Love, Linda

  3. Hi Kim and Hi Lin...thank you for the good karma.......:) :) alice