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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Rolling: Vintage Disney--The AristoCats

Eva Gabor and Duchess.
My friend Kim just blogged about her older girls watching "The AristoCats" and loving it. Since Punch digs cats* and I seek out 1960s and 70s movies, that's the one we rented when I saw it listed On Demand last night. So cute! Great jazz music, and Eva Gabor's beautiful purr is the perfect voice for Duchess, the leading lady. A true treasure from 1970. Thank you to Kim's daughters! You're never too old for Disney. Good night.

1. Boot camp in the park.
2. Soothing bath.

*A very nice young hipster couple just moved to our block from Brooklyn. Punchy visits them and their kittens every chance she gets. 


  1. Oh, that's so great! I'll be sure to tell the girls!

  2. Yes, tell me what else they watch ;) so sweet that they watch alice