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Thursday, June 5, 2014

"Did I Miss Diane?"

March 22, 1976 cover of Newsweek.
Dashed onto the elevator at Bergdorf Goodman near 7:30 this evening. I wanted to get there earlier, because Diane von Furstenberg appeared in person on floor 5F from 4 to 6 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of her iconic wrap dress....but my dumb 4:14 bus took two hours to get me to the I was fresh out of luck. I ate dinner, then walked over at my leisure, figuring I could at least look at the DVF line before the store closed at 8. [The ride between Montclair and NYC can be as swift as 25 minutes, but the traffic was crawling; and at that hour, the express bus lane is closed.]

Hold that please! a voice called. I scrambled for the button and recognized the chicly suited, petite woman with long blonde hair and trendy glasses whom I'd spied often on 5F, where Tory Burch clothes were and Milly clothes are. She was heading out, bags in hand. I think she is a powerhouse style manager--just my guess.

I missed Diane, didn't I?

Yes, you did. She was so dynamic...

I'm so disappointed. My bus from New Jersey took two hours. I figured I'd go check out the collection anyway.

Yes, you should. 

I'm glad I did. I found two black items in size L that fit--a drapey top and a skirt--they're stylish and should last a long time, through many different fashion tasks, from work to parties. They have that edge that feels city-smart, sophisticated. I had them shipped home to New Jersey for free vs. taking them with me and paying over 8 percent sales tax. A nice young woman who works for Diane [not BG] was helpful--she went in the back and found the black top in my size--and even handed me one of the books they had given out about the designer, signed by her. Love it! I didn't know if I had missed little wrap-dress-shaped cookies, or what....the book was a great surprise.

Noteworthy that the creation of the DVF wrap dress coincided with women entering the workforce in droves....the wash-and-wear dress was a staple for many, easy to wear and feminine but often cut from bold, confident prints.

Anyway, walked back to the Port, read the DVF book on the bus ride home and stepped off into suburbia, with the scent of peonies in the air. I had been gone for almost 6 hours--on a visit to another world.

[I had wanted a DVF wrap dress for a while, and blogged about snagging one this past Black Friday. Here's the POST. What I learned after wearing it once is that it looked much better with the neckline not fussed up with a camisole, and yes to tights or slimming pantyhose and heels, plus a long, swingy necklace.]

Dresses from the DVF archives--in the Bergdorf's window on Fifth Avenue.
Pieces from other designers. Pretty--and provocative--in pink.
  1. Walked to and from Bergdorf's from Port Authority.
  2. Put crisp cotton sheets on bed.
  3. Moisturized face. Do very rarely, though have good intentions.

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