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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Wear Jewels and Carry On

We are so lucky to have her in Montclair.
My friend Rachael and I popped in around 5 p.m. for a half hour of Mary's Valentine's Party, where
we found swingy, bright, beautiful beads at 50 percent off [sale tray].
I am going to pay mine off in small increments, like $10 each. Rachael's is so
glam, blue and sparkly. We both love our found treasures. Yes, it's true, Dan and I don't have a
car at the moment because we have to wait to afford one,
but at least I can walk or bike wearing pretty jewels.
Good night...crafting an essay that I've been assigned to write about cutting back on sugar in a major way! Right up my alley. Pleasant dreams.

Mary's Aqua Agate Necklace with Crystal Quartz Intensifier

$140.00, out of stock, sadly. But look how pretty and striking. The selection in person, at Wade Maxx framing store on Valley Road,is much more extensive than what is online. You haveto see those swingy pearls to believe it.
  1. I actually walked twice today, once back from town with Cabot Plain Greek Yogurt. Have to get my bottom in gear again.
  2. Ate cauliflower, spinach, raw apple, white yam, plain yogurt...not in that order. Even tried chickpea pasta, high protein and low carb.
  3. I took a really restful and delicious nap on the couch near 2 p.m.


  1. That was me - apparently I can’t use Google accounts.
    Anyway, a little splurge lightens financial gloom and let’s you plow forward. And now that bikini model not a career option, in my view anything moving the eye up (jewelry, scarf, eye glass frames, makeup, hair - is a good thing!

    1. Good morning, Liz. You are an early riser! What time do you set your alarm? I can be a slug. But we have to get up by 7:30 to get Punchy to school. Dan and I take turns usually. Anyway, thank you for starting my day with a laugh. Bikini model not a career option, hahah lol. Love that. But I also like that you crystallized WHY these things work, that they move the eye up. And yes, little splurge lets you plow forward. Glad you could comment again. Have a great day on the Beltway. I like that phrase. is it the Beltway? Love, Alice