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Sunday, February 4, 2018

Tossing Around Football Phrases 

I’m not a football fan. I go to Super Bowl parties for chips and dips and commercials. But we all use so many football phrases in reference to things that have nothing to do with the gridiron. Some are self-explanatory and don’t need examples.
  1. The whole nine yards. Let’s go the whole nine yards and hire a clown and a face painter for Suzy’s sixth birthday party.
  2. Kickoff. The festival will kick off with Bruce Springsteen singing “Born to Run.”
  3. Timeout. Dustin definitely needs a timeout since he threw mud in Tommy’s face.
  4. Out of bounds. Your comment about my hair was definitely out of bounds!
  5. Monday morning quarterbacking. 
  6. Game plan. Sophia has a whole game plan in place to get dinner on the table by 6.
  7. Locker-room talk.
  8. Make a pass.
  9. Hail Mary pass. Well, this is the other way around, football borrowing from faith phrases. I like this one. Mary can come through in a tight spot; miracles can happen.
Tell me if I missed some! Good night.


  1. Good list! I used to bring Football for Dummies to my sons’ game, but then I chatted with other parents instead of looking things up. Four years of seeing almost every game, and I remain oblivious...

    1. Hi Liz! I like that you went the whole nine yards though, buying the book and going to the game! Good mama. I hope you have s good day today! Xo Alice