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Thursday, February 21, 2019

My City, My Pearl

It's my's everyone's city....whether you live there or not, New York City energizes you and opens your eyes to great possibilities.

Sis took the train from CT and I took the bus from NJ and we met at Grand Central for the #5 subway uptown to 86th Street. We ate at a nice French restaurant [shared excellent cheese fondue, sidestepped Crepes Suzette] and then went to the jewelry exhibit at the Met, a show that is closing shortly. Sis is a Member, so we got in free. Crowns, belts, collars, bracelets, rings, jade--from all times and all places.

It was a friendly day. We chatted with Peggy and Jane, pals since schooldays in CT., now older women, who were next to us at lunch, and at the Met, with Cathy [sp], who flew into NYC [from CA] to celebrate her 70th bday with her friend and daughter.

I got up for 7 a.m. support group, so I'm tired. Must rest. Good night to you.

  • DeCamp bus to NY and back, $7.65 each way, $15.30. [Sis paid for subway with her MetroCard.]
  • I  joined Joyist! Here is the link. I signed on to support the healthy venture with one unlimited coffee week, which I will get later this spring. $40.
  • Lunch with Sis, $43.
  • Tip for tote check at Met, $1.


  1. Yes, loved Boyhood, and thought it amazing. When we go to Ireland, I will get time with one of my sisters. I love the posts on your get togethers!
    And urban pride compels me to point out that the museum of natural history and it’s gemstone gallery is waiting for you in DC. Happy Friday!

    1. I also loved Boyhood soundtrack, will find now on Spotify! Do you use Spotify? It is amazing. Ireland, when? I really want to go there, too. I hope to get to D.C. soon....xoxox