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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

School Library Lens

I helped out at the school library again today, from 9:45 to 12:30.

Big Nate and Harry Potter books move fast. Sometimes I want to stop, flip through and read--today, a biography of Steven Spielberg [I didn't know he lived in NJ as a child!] and a cookbook of Mexican recipes. [Punch loves flan, has had it in restaurants, and the recipe in this book called for just 1/2 cup sugar, not too bad. Didn't have time to make a copy; will Google for something similar.]

Hell, I would love to sit there a whole day or a few days with good lighting and a comfy chair and just read.

I give the kids the benefit of the doubt if the system says they have an overdue book--or they can't take out a new one.

It says you took out Ivy + Bean in December 2018. You will return that, right?

Then the child either says earnestly I returned that already, it's in the box or I think it's home on my book shelf. 

I understand, because Punchy was often in the same situation, and then I would find a book at home stamped with the school library name in black.

This morning, a cute boy with freckles said he had returned a book.

His pal, a boy about a head taller, with floppy brown hair, standing close by his side, said, He reads a lot. He reads all the time.

It was touching, the friendship, the way the one boy vouched for the other. So sweet. Boyhood. And sure enough, the librarian found the missing book.

Have a good night.

  • We let Punch put in a Starbucks mobile order that she picked up on the drive to school. She also got a lunch box, with fruit, sandwich, raw vegs. $14.55.
  • Convenience store to get 3 bananas, milk and small, 50-cent bag of Dipsy Doodles. $6.60.
  • Starbucks, walking distance from school, for lunch, snacks, grande drink--I was hungry after library, had money on Starbucks app and was going back to school at 2:10 for early dismissal due to snow. $22.66.
  • Received email from Glendarragh Lavender Farm in Maine, with SPRINGCLEAN free shipping code, which saved $12. Glass bottle of liquid hand soap and glass refill bottle with twice that amount. That farm, and the products, are beautiful --and glass tops plastic, of course. $31.
DAILY $ TOTAL: $74.81.


  1. Boys who find a way to rise above toxic competition are hard to resist. And a few days to read sounds good to me too!

  2. Right! Did you see the movie "Boyhood?" I loved that. Have a good day.

  3. I love your library stories. Luke loves "Big Nate" books, too. They're silly, but also pretty funny.