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Sunday, February 3, 2019

Pizz-takes Were Made

It was confusing....Dan drove down Garden State Parkway to get Punch from birth family....He didn’t get back until 7:15...don’t know why, but I overordered on pizza...maybe I panicked after he said Super Bowl Sunday is the busiest day for pizza orders.

I made that Crack Broccoli from and it’s good. I left some vegan [no Pecorino cheese] for Figgy. Then, for our small group, I ordered a large pizza--half pepperoni, half with A LOT of veggies--and garlic knots w red sauce, and had it delivered.

Too much food and too much $. I realize now that I could have driven over and picked up a few slices and some knots.

Gnite to you.

  • $35.17 pizza place bill, which included $2.09 tax and $1.50 delivery charge. Then I added $7 tip on card. Wasteful. Could have saved $1.50 plus $7 plus more by picking up some slices. And now a lot left over. Live & learn, as my mother used to say. $42.17.
  • 3 bags of whole-bean Grounds for Change coffee for Punchy’s drama fundraiser, $30.
  • ZERO for the pleasure of seeing a sly orange fox run onto Watchung Avenue. $0.
TOTAL: $72.17.

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