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Friday, May 17, 2019

Rough Morning

Punch is pushing buttons and this has been hard.

Very hard. Even though we were only together yesterday from 4 p.m. on and then again this morning before school.

My therapist says Punch is in tremendous pain and I am the safest person to take it out on because she knows I'm not going anywhere--but that I should try not to take the bait when she pushes buttons.

Again, hard.

Today I had an appointment for 12:30 for a blowout by Rachel at Gumdrop Hairdressing on Church Street. I had been looking forward to my smoothing, softening treat.

4 factors converged to prevent it:
  1. Needed to get cash at Chase Bank. No parking spots nearby. Had to walk a bit.
  2. Bank system down. Minutes ticked on.
  3. No metered parking spots open near salon. Found one in front of Salvation Army and parallel parked about 2 feet from curb. Quickly fed nickels, dimes and quarters into meter.
  4. Ten steps from salon, hurrying in my black Tory Burch wedge heels, heard my phone ring. The appointment booker said Rachel couldn't take me. It was 12:45 and she had a client at 1:15. Could I come back at 4? I just found a parking spot, I pleaded. Can she do it quickly? But Rachel is a pro and perfectionist, so that wouldn't work. Instead, a young woman named Fallon, with pretty, long, gently twirled silver-blue hair, shampooed my hair and styled it. I was grateful for every knead of my scalp, the gentle rush of water, the lovely, fresh scent of the lather. The round brush, the dryer, the hairspray.
  1. Caught up with Punchy's Mimi. She was a helpful and supportive sounding board with a firm boundary idea for Punch. I also asked her if she can go back to taking P one weekend a month. Things got off course w Mimi's and our travel plans, P's soccer and activities, etc. But as I told Mimi today, I need her support. Dan and I both do.
  2. Made important phone call, left message.
  3. Walked my fur ball.
  4. The blowout!
  5. Green salad and iced coffee from Cafe Giotto.
  6. Lit candle on mantel.
  7. With Dan traveling and P at Mimi's til Sunday, Figgy and I got to talk. I missed her!
  8. About to wash face, get in bed and read book group book.
  • Parking near bank, 50 cents.
  • Parking near salon, about $1.50.
  • Blowout plus tip, $48.
  • Cafe Giotto, green salad with apple and walnuts, iced coffee, bag of freshly baked mini chocolate biscotti [$10] to bring next-door to Rachel as a thank you [she lost the appt. and the tip], plus $3 in cafe tips, $26.45. 


  1. Alice! So proud that asked for help from Mimi!

    And buttons. Ugh. So hard so hard. I was the queen of buttons (still can be). No, I'm thinking of you!!!! much love!!!

  2. ok, that was a hot mess. Let's try it again without the weird typos:

    so proud that YOU asked for help from Mimi. KNOW THAT I'm thinking of you!


    1. Kim, thank you for that supportive note. [I wanted to answer last nite but for some reason can't comment on my phone, have to be back on laptop...odd...] Yes, I'm proud that I asked Mimi, too, but must say she is very approachable. Button pushing is painful and exhausting for the one with the buttons. Have a good weekend. Love, Alice